Acupuncture Relieves Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
Newswise (press release) - Aug 24, 2005 and fatigue, he says. Acupuncture is one of the few things shown to be effective for these symptoms. It may be particularly

West G encounters illness
News-Herald.com, OH - Aug 25, 2005 taking precautions after one varsity football player was confirmed to have viral meningitis in the last week and 12 others were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

How AD/HD Symptoms Compare in Adults and Children
Best Syndication, CA - Aug 23, 2005 The same symptoms that apply to children with AD/HD also apply to adults; however, the symptoms may be manifested in a number of ways.

Symptoms gone, as far as Hafner remembers
Canton Repository (subscription), OH - Aug 22, 2005 CLEVELAND -- Travis Hafner said Sunday he is no longer battling symptoms from the concussion that put him on the disabled list earlier this season.

Look out for symptoms
Scotsman, United Kingdom - Aug 25, 2005 EYE experts have issued advice on telltale signs of failing sight which parents should look for in their children. Montgomery Optometrists

Women Report Various Symptoms After Stopping Menopause Hormone
eMaxHealth.com, NC - 23 hours ago Over half of women who began menopausal hormone therapy because of symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats experience those symptoms when they discontinue

Medication Eases OCD Symptoms
Connecticut Business News Journal, CT - Aug 22, 2005 NEW HAVEN - A medication used to ease symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, also is helpful in treating people with treatment

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Mistreated
KGO, CA - Aug 22, 2005 Aug. 22 - A new study finds many women with ovarian cancer feel symptoms early, but doctors don't diagnose it until much later, when it's spread.

Health officials issue reminder
The Jackson Citizen-Patriot, MI - Aug 24, 2005 Shigellosis usually makes people sick for five to seven days. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps and nausea. Frequent

Ovarian cancer symptoms reported much earlier than diagnosis
Earthtimes.org - Aug 22, 2005 of California at Davis School of Medicine in Sacramento has found that many ovarian cancer patients had alerted their doctors about the symptoms almost a year

Recurrent Vasomotor Symptoms Common for EPT Users in WHI After
PharmaLive.com (press release), PA - Aug 24, 2005 Postmenopausal women who discontinue estrogenprogestogen therapy (EPT) are significantly more likely to experience recurrent vasomotor symptoms than placebo

Allergy symptoms rise with the sun
El Dorado Times, KS - Aug 24, 2005 However, suffering from allergy symptoms like itchy, watery eyes or nasal congestion may make it difficult to enjoy these simple pleasures.

Ovarian Cancer Information
KABC, CA - 3 hours ago But a new study by the University of California at Davis shows many women with ovarian cancer exhibit symptoms many months before the cancer gets to a deadly

Growing Need for Long-Term Oxygen Therapy is Focus of Denver
U.S. Newswire (press release), DC - 18 hours ago Lack of proper oxygen intake can result in diminished brain function and over time can cause symptoms including confusion and forgetfulness -- many of the same

Inovise Medical Announces Introduction of New Portable AUDICOR(R)
Business Wire (press release), CA - Aug 25, 2005 paramedics solve one of their most challenging problems -- the confident diagnosis of shortness-of-breath in patients with subtle signs and symptoms of heart

New drug eliminates sleep deprivation symptoms
Earthtimes.org - Aug 24, 2005 Here s some good news for those who head for work groggy due to sleep deprivation. A new drug, called CX717, has been found to

Irvine woman contracts West Nile virus
OCRegister (subscription), CA - 2 hours ago Fifth Orange County resident known to be infected this year recovering after showing symptoms of mosquito-borne illness. By BLYTHE BERNHARD.

Officers urge vigilance for meningitis symptoms
Toledo Blade, OH - Aug 24, 2005 health officials say they ve noticed a slight increase in the number of viral meningitis cases and are reminding the public to watch for symptoms of the

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms May Begin Months Before Diagnosis
American Cancer Society (press release), GA - Aug 23, 2005 Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer may start having symptoms of the disease months before the cancer is found. But many of these

Connie Aclin: Tips can reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance
Shreveport Times, LA - 5 hours ago Try hard (aged ) cheeses such as Cheddar, which are lower in lactose and usually do not cause symptoms. The symptoms could be caused by another illness.


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