Stapling Procedure Offers Alternative For Hemorrhoid Sufferers
WRAL.com, NC - Aug 11, 2005 Doctors used a new procedure to treat Darla Fisher's hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a cluster of veins that can swell due to constipation or pregnancy.

Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL - Aug 2, 2005 DEAR DR. DONOHUE: If a person thinks he has hemorrhoids, when should he see a doctor? -- AR. ANSWER: One sign of hemorrhoids is blood in or on the stool.

iSurg Corp. Introduces OptiTrack for Colorectal Surgery Care
PR Newswire (press release), NY - Aug 24, 2005 These conditions can greatly impact the health and overall quality of life of those affected and range from hemorrhoids to colorectal cancer, with more than

E-Hemorrhoids.com Provides an Overview of Hemorrhoids
Pressbox.co.uk (press release), UK - Aug 22, 2005 According to E-Hemorrhoids.com, hemorrhoids are certainly not the most pleasant of topics, but they are a necessary one and a common reality every year for

How to explore without digging
Australian Financial Review, Australia - Aug 11, 2005 The brewer assured us that if we drank enough of it, we would never suffer from the common cold or hemorrhoids and we would never need to take Viagra, either.

Surgery best for severe hemorrhoids
Macleans, Canada - Aug 22, 2005 People suffering from severe hemorrhoids are better off opting for surgical removal rather than a less painful office procedure that chokes off the growths

What can I do for pain over body?
GoErie.com, PA - Aug 20, 2005 AA clear rectal discharge may indicate a simple problem, such as low-grade inflammation or hemorrhoids, that could be easily cured with medication.

Shaking off the salt habit
Sun Star, Philippines - Aug 22, 2005 the researchers. Buying the salt wasn't killing people; eating it was. Salt can also make your hemorrhoids worse. "Excess salt retains


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